Site Environmental Management – Level 2

Course Outline

This unique training course addresses the problems of site environmental management on construction sites and the need for industry to comply with state and federal legislation in relation to environmental protection.  This course is designed for Construction Managers, Supervisors, local Government and Consultants.

This course delivers the competency, AHCSAW203- Conduct Erosion and Sediment Control & AHCWRK202-Observe Environment Work Practices from the nationally accredited AHC16 training package.  Holmesglen Institute in partnership with Statewide River and Stream Management issue the nationally accredited competency upon successful completion of the course.

Vic Roads recommends that personnel implementing EMP’s or installing control measures undertake this training or an equivalent course.

Training Objectives

  • An understanding of responsibilities for undertaking environmental management, including legislative and incident related.  Outlining the Federal and State Legislative requirements for site works, in particular the SEPP’s (waters of Vic), relevant regulations, the Environmental Management Guidelines and local government requirements.  It emphasises to the participants the legislative requirements under the Planning and Environment Act (Victorian Planning Provisions: 56.08) and the EPA Act Victoria
  • Determining the vulnerability of a site and the risks associated particularly in relation to erosion and sedimentation parameters and their effects on water quality.
  • Skills to effectively plan for environmental management through the use of the Site Environmental Descriptions Kit and skills to make informed decisions selection, implement and maintain environment protection measures in the workplace
  • Principles of erosion and sediment management, waste management and chemical management on construction sites and their environmental impacts
  • Environmental Protection Measures – including preventative measures, control measures and contingencies including an up to date perspective of what is happening in the industry with erosion control measures
  • Employability skills that are transferable and recognised in the industry – installing erosion control measures correctly, using the right control measures for the site requirements, assessing water quality and soil dispersiveness, assessing site risks and implementing control measures.

Training Topics  

  • Construction Site Impacts        
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Compliance and Enforcement    
  • So what water quality can be discharged?
  • Local Government Requirements    
  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods Clause 56 – Victorian Planning Provisions    
  • Contractual Requirements    
  • Determining the Vulnerability of a Site
  • Noise Parameters    
  • Dust Parameters    
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Parameters
  • Waste Parameters    
  • Chemicals Parameters    
  • Flora/Fauna Parameters    
  • Archaeological/Heritage Parameter    
  • Site Specific Issues Parameters    
  • Risk Assessment    
  • Site Environmental Management Plans
  • Plan for Environmental Management
  • Site Management Description Kit    
  • Checking Site Management Descriptions
  • Self-Check Systems    
  • Inspections    
  • Water Quality Monitoring        
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Incident Reporting    
  • Introduction to Environment Protection Measures    
  • Preventative vs. Control vs. Contingencies
  • Ensuring Effective Performance of Environmental Protection Measures
  • Erosion and Sediment Management (Inc. Dust Management)
  • Erosion Management Measures    
  • Pump Sacks    
  • Coagulants / Flocculants
  • Noise Management    
  • Principles of Noise Management    
  • Noise Control Measures    
  • Regulation Considerations    
  • Time Scheduling    
  • Protection Measures    
  • Location of noise-generating activities    Quieter Processes    
  • Informing Site Neighbours    
  • Waste Management    
  • Principles of Waste Management    
  • Waste minimisation    
  • Waste Containment    
  • Site Waste Collection    
  • Disposal of Waste    
  • Chemical Management    
  • Other Site Specific Issues

Training Outcomes

You will gain skills in assessing EMP’s, legislative requirements, risk assessments, site environmental description kits, selection, implementation and maintenance of environmental protection measures and site inspections.

On successful completion of accredited courses participants receive a Statement of Attainment, Statement of Results and a compliance “Green Card” and gain credit towards the Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management qualification. The Green Card can be readily produced on-site to meet contract requirements.


Green Card FrontGreen card 2 front & back 2017.jpg


Green Card Back


Course Duration

Two Day        8.30am – 4.30pm


Holmesglen Institute, Waverley campus – 595 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley

Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the course to group bookings in the workplace if facilities are appropriate.

Cost of Course

$900.00  + GST  per participant

Dates of Courses 2020

This course is delivered to the general construction industry and Vic Roads Staff.  Please see below for relevant course and dates



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