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Statewide River and Stream Management Pty Ltd actively promotes and encourages environmental awareness and prides itself on its involvement in many waterway rehabilitation projects throughout Victoria.

SRSM was established in 2001 to supply a vast range of environmental services to major construction projects.  Today, more than ever, environmental management has become a major issue within the construction industry.

River and Stream rehabilitation projects are a major focus for our company in partnership with our “sister company”, State Plant Hire.  We have successfully completed over 1000 waterway rehabilitation contracts for both local and state government departments, all of which have been completed on time and within budget.  Many projects have earned us a reputation of leaders within our industry.

The value of our waterways is important to present and future generations.  In spite of increasing populations and levels of development in urban catchments, many streams and waterways still retain significant natural value and provide important environmental, commercial and recreational benefits.  It is important that these uses are protected from the threat of stormwater pollution.

Protection of our waterways largely depends upon improved management of pollution carried by stormwater.  This has become apparent in Australian cities and overseas, where better management of stormwater within urban catchments has now become an essential component of improved water quality management programs.

Key Environmental Services our company provides are;

  • River and Stream Rehabilitation
  • Onsite Environmental Consulting
  • Site Environmental Management Plans – design and implementation
  • Environmental Auditing -  site inspection, assessment and reporting
  • Water Management Consulting, testing and treatment service
  • Soil testing services
  • Environmental Training in site environmental management, erosion and sediment control, water quality, water treatment, spill response and spill kit use.
  • Victorian Agent for the supply of Prenco Spill products
  • Supply and advise on erosion and sediment control measures
  • Supply of environmental products and maintenance

SRSM provide services for on-site water testing and have trained team members who are experienced in the collection, testing and recording of data relating to site specific requirements for water quality.  In addition we have extensive experience in the development of site specific EMP’s for your project.  We also provide consultancy services for the reassurance of effective and current best practice installation and implementation of EMP’s at site level.

SRSM along with State Plant Hire are proud training partners with Holmesglen Institute, preferred contractor to Melbourne Water and hold prequalification for Vic Roads in minor road works &repairs and, EMP design and implementation.

SRSM professional memberships/associations include;

  • AWA
  • Safety map
  • CCF
  • IECA
  • Prenco
  • Environmental Engineering Society
  • Association of state wetland managers
  • Davis Langdon Certification Services
  • Maps Group Authorised Contractor
  • Water Industry Operations Association

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River and Stream Management

293 South Gippsland Highway
Dandenong South
VIC, 3175

E-mail[email protected]
Phone: (03) 9702 9757

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