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Statewide River and Stream Management Pty Ltd, provide a specialised focus on environmental management and planning.

Our research and development of products to reduce and overcome environmental issues on site, are now widely used and recommended throughout the construction and water industry.

Statewide River and Stream management can manage a range of environmental control outcomes, and manage or monitor the legal and best practice outcomes for discharge of stormwater from your construction project.  We have a range of industry recognised products and have developed custom designed solutions that enable us to provide expertise, installation, monitoring, management and auditing of your next project and its environmental requirements.

The team at Statewide River and Stream Management have many years of experience and hold diploma qualifications in Catchment and Land Management and Sustainable Water Catchment Management.

Our capabilities are listed below;


  • Environmental control planning
  • Environmental management planning
  • Project dewatering solutions
  • Underwater video recording and reporting
  • Spill control evaluations
  • Sediment pond water management
  • Environmental auditing
  • Stormwater solutions
  • Erosion and sediment control planning
  • Site Dewatering and water treatment


  • Environmental control installation
  • Project dewatering services
  • Dam capacity assessment
  • Underwater assessment services
  • Site establishment services
  • Spill control maintenance/service
  • Domestic construction silt control
  • Silt fence installation (residential and commercial)
  • Silt fence installation (tractor mounted)
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Water quality testing

Consultancy and Service Details

Environment Auditing Service

Categories: Audit Qualifications
Environmental Audit and Assessments
Environmental Auditing (Construction) (E-EAC), Environmental Management Systems (E-EMS)


Onsite Environmental Consulting Service

Categories: Consulting Qualifications
Site Environmental Consulting Erosion
Site Environmental Management. EMP
DIP: Conservation and Land Management.
DIP: Sustainable water and catchment Management


Soil Survey Standard Test Method

Categories: Soil Equipment / Materials
Emerson Aggregate Test Allows for 4 Field Sample Aggregate Tests


Water Management, Testing and Treatment Service

Categories: Water Equipment / Materials

Onsite Turbidity Testing By Trained Field Team Member (NTU only)

Onsite water Quality testing and recording

Water Quality Sample Extraction 


Jar Testing Coagulants and Flocculants

pH Alteration And Clarification Systems 

Water Pumping and Dewatering

Turbiquant® 1500 IR

Manta data logger
Temp DO pH Turb TDS DO SAT EC Nitrates Phosphates

Results Confirmed By NATA Accredited Laboratories

PAC23 Magna Floc LT20, AN1Floc AN2Floc
PR50 , PR10 Clarifiers

Chemical Injection Reticulation Treatment System

Hydrobotics 100

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